Monday, May 26, 2014

Come on, birds, fly!

I did a quick morning jaunt to Shelley Lake again, hoping to practice shooting birds in flight. There was much more ground level locomotion than aerobatics. I caught this grackle showing off his buff body on the rail.

There were children feeding the ducks (not a great idea, by the way), resulting in a feeding frenzy.

Even in muddy water, this mallard was a shining beauty.

It can take a lot to get ducks and geese to fly. Here's a Canada goose going for a stroll.

Nothing in the sky, but a cautiously friendly squirrel on the boardwalk.

And suddenly, finally, a pair of mallards took flight!

To make a nice bookend for my stroll, another grackle landed on the railing and looked over the scenery.

[All photos shot with Canon 1DX and 300mm f/2.8 L IS II + Ext 2X III, wide open aperture]


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