Monday, May 19, 2014

Dreary skies, cheerful Canada geese

A dreary day with overcast skies can be nice for photography, so I went bird hunting Sunday. I didn't time it very well; they stayed hidden for awhile. I got a nice look at a Redwing Blackbird on the wing, but couldn't get a shot, and then it kept its head hidden in a tree. So before I did any successful bird shooting, I played with an abstract of water reflections.

I heard the Canada Geese, and suddenly they did one quick fly-over.

A Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) was less shy, but stayed at high altitude.

This turtle on a log seemed to be looking up at the Vulture, but certainly was in no danger from that scavenger.

Crows are fast fliers. I didn't get a shot that really showed its eye, but I like the wing detail in this one.

A bit of tunneling was required to get in and out of the area I visited, probably a result of the very heavy rains we had recently.


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