Thursday, May 22, 2014

Red flower, blackbird, blue heron, purple and green duck

In a thirty five minute walk about Shelley Lake, I saw a wide variety of color and action.

It was no surprise to see the usual geese wading and swimming around the marshy areas.

It was unexpected on my part when I saw a blackbird in the water. I know I'm just projecting my own feeling about this, but the bird seemed quite upset at the beer can a thoughtless person had left behind.

It acted increasingly agitated, looking crazily like the Sorcerer's Apprentice working a spell to make the trash disappear.

Finally it took off and flew into a tree.

On its vertical perch, it seemed to be spitting water from its beak.

Actually, of course, it was shaking off the excess water from its bath.

Freshly cleaned, something to crow about.

But who is watching from above?

The king of the hill, posing like a statue, or maybe a weathervane.

The bather returned to a spot on the edge of the lake.

When it flew overhead again, I managed to track it and get some shots of the underside of the wings.

As I lowered the camera from tracking the blackbird, a shadow moved rapidly past me. I looked up and saw the underside of a Great Blue Heron just above me. I did the best I could to swing the large lens after it, and got this out of focus series that has an atypical vantage point in my limited experience.

Five ducks practiced well coordinated synchronized swimming:

A handsome mallard flew by as I was leaving.

So that was my brief, concentrated photo walk Tuesday, May 20. It was enough to convince me to make use of small blocks of time that I might have thought insufficient before now.

[All photos shot with 600 mm focal length - no time taken to switch to any other gear!]


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