Saturday, June 28, 2014

One day, two photo walks

A stroll through just one corner of the Raulston Arboretum can take you from a taste of Southwestern Desert to Southeastern Tropics.

The Arboretum is not all that far from downtown Raleigh. The grounds of the Dorothea Dix Hospital Campus are even closer to the heart of the city. From high ground, the gaps in the trees allow this view to the Wells Fargo and PNC towers.

Otherwise, the surroundings are peaceful and beautiful. I hope that most of the remaining land will be set aside for use as a public park. What a prize that would be for the city's residents, and what a good influence on the continued cultural development of Raleigh!

I became intrigued by one tree, and played with it photographically.

Which way is up?!

The sky was conducive to framing some of the empty buildings as an architectural landscape.



  1. You might enjoy some photos by photographer Roberto Venegoni who photographed mostly the inside of an abandoned psychiatric hospital:

    1. That is a side of things that I've not seen first hand. It reminds me, in how the stark abandonment and deterioration of the facility can evoke thoughts and feelings about what life may have been like for the people who lived and worked there, of photos of Ellis Island. I own a print of "Ellis Island Dormitory", a photo by David Simonton which has similarities in character. This link does not show that image, but others that you may enjoy viewing:

      Thank you for pointing me to Roberto Venegoni.


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