Monday, June 9, 2014

Portraits and grab shots at 600 mm

Once again I set out walking with a 600 mm lens (actually 300 mm with 2X extender attached) in hopes of spotting some birds in flight within range of my "reach". As sometimes happens, my timing was bad and every heron, black bird, vulture and pigeon in the area must have been napping in the shade.

This was a good enough excuse to approach an unafraid duck resting under a pedestrian bridge, who let me creep up to a distance of about 7 or 8 feet. Hey, that's an interesting profile, could we do a portrait/head shot session?

How about if you turn and give me a three quarter view?

The light's a little tricky...would you show me your other profile? Oh, I like that one the best!

I walked to a different part of the shore, expecting to have it to myself and see what floated by. To my surprise, a family was there with a cardboard box. The box turned out to contain a pair of white ducks. Before I could even think about changing lenses, the box was on its side and the contents emerged. I backpedaled fast to get far enough away to grab this shot with my 600.

I asked about the circumstances and learned that the two had been rescued and rehabilitated. Once released, they seemed content to just stay on the shore near their adoptive family, so the father picked them up and put them in the water. Moments later, they were apparently happy to be back in their home medium.

One came back to the shore briefly to say all was okay.

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  1. As I've noted before, you have a talent for finding beauty in the everyday. A little serendipity doesn't hurt, of course.

    Nicely done once more, Jess; nicely done.


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