Friday, June 13, 2014

Wet bird in the yard

Not a convict in the pen.

[@600 mm, heavily cropped from 18MP original to ~2.5MP, shot at ISO 16,000!]

I don't miss the days when color negative film at ISO 1600 was pretty much the usability limit, and was much grainier, less sharp, and poorer in color rendition than my Canon 1DX set for 3.3 stops greater sensitivity. A camera can represent a very large investment, but my film and processing costs are much lower now, and I spend no more time processing in Adobe Lightroom than I used to spend in my primarily black and white darkroom. Which is a lot of time, I must admit...



  1. I hope you were at a safe distance, Jess. That wet bird did not look happy! Love the expression on it's "face".
    Colorado fan

    1. I was safe - it looked the look, but didn't peck the peck!


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