Monday, June 23, 2014

Success is all in how you look at it...

I wandered to a quartet of lakes and ponds in different areas of Raleigh Sunday, spotting little wildlife and netting zero images of interest from the first two. I did have fun with some outdoor sculpture at the NC Museum of Art. It was a drizzly morning, but the low contrast light was attractive.

Birds imitate art:


No luck at the museum pond this time. Off to Lake Raleigh, then, but there was a race going on. So, onward to Lake Johnson. Life imitates art:

A more serene view:

To the fourth watery area I visited in the day, but no birds or other wildlife, only some static reflections.

Drowning tree:

The mud was deep and viscous. It tried to steal my shoes. If algae could experience contentment, this would be it:

It was a day of mixed results, but I also got in some useful scouting for future adventures.


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