Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Plants and Equines in overhead sun

Monday afternoon was, photographically, a kind of exercise in finding subjects that worked in "boring" overhead sunlight. Not a good time for (human) portraits in natural light, but not bad for everything. I found some wildflowers and plants that did well with the contrasty sun.

This clutch of trees leans so heavily with the lack of support from the swampy ground that I find it visually amazing that they still stand.

I emphasized the creases in this horse's skin by zooming as close as I could and using a high contrast development to amplify what the sun had shown me. I hope he doesn't follow this blog!

Here's a chance to examine dentition.

It's interesting how their musculature is defined when they twist and turn.

Is that a swift? With my left eye I saw a blur approaching (I often keep both eyes open when shooting, because of situations like this), and snapped while it was in the frame. Because of focal length and aperture, it's a blur in the photo too; couldn't be helped.

The flies were swarming brutally, and made me feel sorry for the horses. You can even see some of them in these web-sized images, mostly against plain backgrounds like the sky. No, that is not dust on the sensor!

My, what whiskers!

This was one of the largest dandelions gone to seed that I've ever seen. It dwarfed the clover.

[All photos with Canon EF 100-400 L IS]

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  1. Creases are beautiful - The Horse

    1. Oh good, and thank you for making me realize that I was applying silly human standards of self-evaluation to another species, very beautiful in its own right.


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