Friday, August 17, 2012

Apple and Strawberry

So an apple went for a walk...
We won't go there for any bad jokes, but let's follow the apple that I carried around for a while.
It became a fence post sitter, and I was on the fence about how to compose this little study in perspective. I chose to do it two ways. Both shot with the same 50 mm lens, by the way.

I tilted the camera for this image of an unlikely resting place because I liked the way it emphasized the balance point of the apple, which looked a little askew in any case.

The apple seemed to find a natural home in an oversized strawberry.

So that's where it ended up for its formal portrait. Classical Photography, you might say.



  1. The apple in an apple container succeeds very well as a composition! I hope you continue to pursue the idea of placing an object in different surroundings. It could lead to surprising results!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! The cool thing about this kind of self-directed project is that playing around with physical objects can lead the mind in unplanned directions of abstract thought. Besides, it's fun!


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