Friday, August 31, 2012

Rush hour at Shelley Lake

Just as rush hour was getting going on the roads around Raleigh, I made a quick hop to a local lake in hopes of catching some avian traffic. The Canada Geese that seem to have taken up semi-permanent residence in these parts (not so many years ago, they mostly made layovers of a few days or weeks on their migration route) were in evidence, but apparently not interested in expending the effort to fly. As they were lazing about in the middle regions of the water, I garnered a few portraits of ducks that gathered closer to shore.

The Canada geese swam all the way to shore, and formed a pretty orderly procession toward the end of the hour, while the sky became more interesting, so I framed an overview of the lake.

The traffic began to go its own way... the clouds continued to develop. I grabbed a sky shot and headed for home.


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