Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Escaping to the wilds

We finally got our chance to escape the summer heat of the North Carolina Piedmont, and spent two nights and one full day in the mountains near Boone. We arrived with time only to settle ourselves in our rented cabin, get the dog settled in, find some dinner, and then relax and watch the night come. Although part of the appeal of the location was that it was surrounded by forest, a bit of distant view was possible through gaps in the trees. The sunset was unremarkable, but as often happens, the color contrasts about ten to twenty minutes after the sun went down were beautiful.

When darkness had fallen outside, the large upper level window in this chalet-style house became an effective mirror. I looked up, and played with an abstract collection of shapes using the shadowed undersides of the cross beams. Note the boomerang at the bottom of the picture, which gives the house its name of "Boonerang."

The next day, we got out and about exploring, and I will show some photo results later.

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