Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chasing the sky

A week ago, I was out running errands when the clouds began to develop such a fascinating mix of different types that I felt compelled to get to a spot where I had a clear view of the sky. I was determined to make a photo of some subject - any subject - that would be complemented by what was above and around. Failing that, I figured I should at least document the crazy shapes in the sky.

I got to an area on the outskirts of town, where there is a view down close to the level of the horizon in most directions, albeit with power lines and other things not usually thought to be photogenic. I found a bike path that looks much like a country lane. I set up a composition with the electrical lines on the left kind of mirroring the wire fence on the right. I also liked the way the clouds fit in with the receding perspective of the road and the trees on the right. It really was amazing watching all the layers of different cloud types sliding over and under each other. I was enjoying everything, but also trying to keep my mind on getting the shot before it disappeared.

I grabbed one of the sky alone, figuring that I could possibly add it to a new landscape some future day (Photoshop is easier than darkroom multi-printing!), but I rather like it by itself.

Nearby, this little urban pastoral scene intrigued me even though some of the incredible sky was hidden by the tree.


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