Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hydrangea, to celebrate the return

To celebrate the return of an internet connection to my photo studio (after a lapse of almost a week) I will pretend that I hardly missed it. Ha! How easy it is to become dependent, and even more so, to feel dependent. Nevertheless, here is a photo from more than two months ago. The vast majority of the images I post in this blog are up quickly, and are as much for me to take stock of what I've done in the past day or few as they are for others to see. But I did say celebrate, so here's a hydrangea that I admired this past spring. Blue may not seem like a celebratory color, in isolation, but strong color contrast is almost always a part of festival and holiday decorations. Primary colors in juxtaposition are usually eye catching, but I particularly like including delicate color transitions and textures in a picture of this sort. Some beautiful flowers hold a sort of cold attraction, making you want to smell them, but not touch. This hydrangea, seen up close, had an almost pansy-like richness of texture, so I tried to capture some of that feel in the photo.


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