Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Soccer, Rain or Shine

I was asked to photograph a soccer game (young women, U12 division) that I thought would be postponed due to heavy rain. In spite of an already wet field, the game began as scheduled, in a medium drizzle. The rain never let up, but neither did the players. You can see the rain drops and wet hair in the early photos...

...then mud begins to show up  on the players' knees.

One down, and another about to follow.

Before contact with the grass, evidence of earlier scrambles is in evidence.

Still some smiles at timeouts and halftime.

Also some concern showing. I love the challenge of capturing moments of peak action, but my interest in faces and gestures never goes away.

Sometimes a young face full of sunshine makes the rain seem to go away even when it's all around us.

Someone has been waging a "grass roots" campaign today.


Back to the game, still raining, still playing hard.

She seems to be airborne about 80% of the time.



Here's a drive to the goal. Find a small opening between defenders, push through it.


Kick hard, and...

What proved to be the winning goal!

It's pretty easy to tell when victory has made its mark on their faces!



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