Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flying Over the Azaleas

A sunny afernoon, perfect weather for...

F - L - Y - I - N - G

The azaleas were starting to look good this afternoon, so I tried to get a little variety of perspective by photographing them with a 24 mm tilt/shift lens. Flying? No, of course not, I just like to allow my imagination to take flight, especially when my subjects are "ordinary" things.

Here's a panorama at a distance of a few inches from the nearest flower. (Collapse the "blog archive" list to get it out of the way of the photo.)

A lot of lens tilt was used in the next one, to put the plane of focus on the almost horizontal band of flowers, not the leaves below them.

In the final shot, I shifted the lens to include more of the foreground flowers while keeping the angle and perspective I wanted for the background. The play of sunlight from behind, through the trees and onto a far clump of flowers was important to the feeling of the image.


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