Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Short and Sweet

I've been patiently waiting for our irises (or others in the neighborhood) to bloom. Nothing so far, so I made a quick hop over to the Raulston Arboretum to see what they have blooming today. There's quite a lot, and one of the first things I spotted was a nice iris.

This tiny pink flower (the size of my thumbnail) is known as "Short and Sweet" (Silene caroliniana). One nice thing about shooting at the arboretum is that virtually all of the flowers are identified (though not the insects)!

I have more photos to process later, but I'll keep this post short (and I hope sweet) so that I can publish it immediately. The photos were done with a Canon 5D Mk III and 100L macro lens, natural light (partly cloudy) only.



  1. Short and sweet: The photos are neat!

    1. I'll be brief as well:
      When I see your comments here
      I am sure to smile!


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