Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Juliet India Lima Charlie Papa... and Soccer in a spring rain shower

I sometimes am asked what JILCP stands for (because one of my primary websites is at www.jilcp.com). It is nothing more than my initials and those of my business name, Classical Photography. My first name is so often misunderstood in telephone calls that I have been known to try to describe it as"Juliet Echo Sierra Sierra", but that use of the "NATO alphabet" simply led to gender misapprehension: "Juliet who?" Which reminds me of Romeo, who is also in this spelling alphabet, and Shakespeare's phrase "what's in a name?" And drawing from the end of my middle name, who is in the Hotel?

Anyway, speaking of Hotel Echo Alfa Delta Echo Romeo Sierra (ridiculous segue, I know), I shot a soccer game in the rain Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, all kinds of leaping and running was going on.

The slick, rain soaked ground led to a few spills.

The players soldiered on, and so did my camera, which was covered with water (but the lens hood kept the glass dry).

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  1. I enjoyed your funny comments about trying to clarify your name over the phone, using the NATO alphabet, which only confuses people further, unless you're talking to someone in the military!
    All the new photos are great, as always.


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