Monday, April 22, 2013

Keep your eyes on the ball

When I played baseball as a kid, we were always admonished to "keep yer eyes on the ball!" Amazingly, if you did that, the bat (or glove) would seem to meet the ball almost of its own volition.

Watching kids play soccer these days, it becomes obvious that the best way to connect foot (or other body part) with ball is watching the ball as long as possible.

Here's a young lady who does that really well.

The photo sequence spans approximately one quarter second. :)



  1. WOW! The camera's ability to isolate one-sixteenth of a second images shows me what my own eyes could never see as isolated images....and oh boy, is she focussed! Nice work!
    I've been enjoying your other photos, too.

  2. They're actually about one-twelfth second apart; the timing starts with the first image, and the next three took 1/4 second to complete. Fast enough! Too fast to perceive these things without freezing them with a camera. The shutter speed was so fast that the exposure time is still a tiny fraction of those 1/12 second intervals. 1/6400 second, or about 0.15 milliseconds per exposure!

    What athletes can do by coordinating eyesight and body is quite remarkable!


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