Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things to Photograph When the Weather is Ugly

Many times, nasty weather enables the most striking landscape photos. All you have to do is protect your gear and be sure you yourself aren't threatened by lightning or high winds. That's all! Easily said, but sometimes not easy to do. And what about when it's just a harmless but boring rain, no unusual light to go along with it, and you're almost home already?

When the rain is relentless, the light gives out and there's nothing interesting to see outside, you can always call it a day and make a cup of tea. If you "cheat" and steep leaves that come in a bag, there might even be something worth a photo. I usually drink actual tea, whether green, black or white, but this was a lemon ginger herbal concoction, and I noticed that the colors were surprisingly close to the ceramic counter tile underneath the glass saucer.

Out came two speedlights (flash), one on the left bounced off a white plastic card, and one on the right diffused and flagged (prevented from hitting the camera lens) with a folded paper towel. The cross lighting helped emphasize the textures of herbs, spices, paper, and glass.

I wasn't the only one who chose to hunker down indoors.


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