Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Surprising Blast of Color

I was issued a "throw down" challenge this morning related to my "last leaf" post.  So, I looked around a bit this afternoon for another straggler, or maybe a leaf pressed into the mud from the drizzle once that started.  I didn't have much success, so I'm conceding victory to my challenger, but I did find one spot with lots of leaves remaining and lots of color.  Here is what resulted:

And, continuing the tradition established yesterday, here's today's photo of Ziva resting.  Isn't her tail impressively bushy?  Doesn't she look harmlessly sedate?  Hah!  That can change in a millisecond!



  1. You are very kind and forever the gentleman. Beautiful photos and such a gorgeous Ziva, Bravo!!

  2. BTW - you might fashion your Ziva book (if I talk as if it is happening then maybe it will?) after this one: Harlow & Sage by Brittni Vega "Written in the wise and witty voice of Harlow the Weimaraner, Harlow and Sage (and Indiana) is richly illustrated with more than 125 stunning images of the highly photogenic pups who have taken social media by storm."

    1. Well...I'll have to allow the real Ziva and her real story to provide the backbone for the book (I will also talk in definite statements), but my imagination (which is occasionally fertile) could certainly use some guidance from successful authors of books like Harlow & Sage. Thanks for pointing me to it.

  3. Sedate? Ha! not with that glint in her eye and that raised, alert ear.......


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