Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hidden Cat [worm tracks]

Behind the silvery bark decorated with worm tracks, you can see in the darkness a mysterious cat, who was aware of us long before we spotted him.

This is actually a photo of a dead tree trunk flat on the ground, bark eaten by wood worms.  I "reflected" (doubled) the image in Adobe Photoshop®, resulting in the appearance of the "cat".

Permalink: http://jilcp.blogspot.com/2014/11/hidden-cat-worm-tracks.html


  1. This is an amazing, artistic find and photo/graphic feat.

  2. Is that a cheshire cat?

  3. Is this another example of your use of chiaroscuro?

    1. Yes indeed. The shadows made the worm trails visible, and the shadow gradient around the curve of the trunk made its rounded shape apparent. And then there's the cat...a result of a few glowing leaves and twigs. I wish I had the talent to paint things like this, but it's cool to be able to create with a camera too.


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