Saturday, November 29, 2014

So you think you have some free time...

"You thought you had some free time.  You thought it would be a good chance to catch up with some things, and maybe even to rest for awhile.  Didn't you realize from the outset that your free time is time for me, time for Ziva?  I get to rest whenever I feel the need; you get to rest when I allow it," says the dog to her ostensible "owner".

(Am I complaining?  Absolutely not!  Ziva is a good influence.)

"Dig we must!"

The squirrels may have repaired to the treetops, but there are auditory signatures of mole in this earth.

Everything must be explored, sampled, sensed.



  1. Yay, Ziva! She is sooo cute!! Those eyes! That curiosity and zest for life!! AWWW!!

    1. She loves to be flattered, and says "thank you!" through me.

  2. I've noticed a recent influx of moles/voles in my yard...they told me they were running to escape "The Ziva."


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