Saturday, November 15, 2014

One way, three elements

One way to view a carpet of leaves:

We used to be told that there is a rule of photographic composition (as if there could be any such thing as a rule!) that there must be one subject.  Each picture should have one clearly perceptible object that is most important.  Well, it's a very good guideline that can be helpful in many situations.  "What are you hoping to show with this photo?  What do you want to draw the viewer's eye to?  What can you keep out of the field of view to avoid distracting from what really matters?"

On the other hand...(you knew there would be a contrary thought, of course) sometimes the point of an image is a pattern, a symmetry or a break from symmetry, or even a competition between two elements.  Or three.

I think, so far, that what I tried this afternoon works pretty well.  I was drawn to the pattern of fallen red leaves that were interspersed with green/blue-green ivy.  A clump of green tree leaves sticking up from the "carpet" seemed like a suitable subject, but one that needed to remain integrated with the pattern, and not completely dominate the scene.  I decided also to include the sun, which was very near the local horizon created by the hill.  So, I set things up as you see, and to me, it keeps my eyes moving about between the competing elements of leaves and sun, and following the lines in the pattern on the ground.



  1. That carpet of leaves is the most beautiful I have ever seen. How do you find this stuff???

    1. Thank you! This one was easy to find. It was *very* close to home!

  2. Home is where the fart is, isn't it? I stink so.

    1. More fartsy less artsy! --Homer Simpson

    2. Uh, this line of comments is taking on a certain odor...I want to continue to enable anonymous I smell a rat? Or a troll? No, I think the offense is not rank, it is playful, the player is taking pleasure in the natural scent of earthy art. I'm sure Matt Groening would agree with me.

  3. I came across this poem today which, reminded me of your spectacular photos:

    “This is a green world, with animals comparatively few and small,

    and all dependent on the leaves.

    By leaves we live.

    Some people have strange ideas that they live by money.

    They think energy is generated by the circulation of coins.

    Whereas the world is mainly a vast leaf colony,

    growing on and forming a leafy soil,

    not a mere mineral mass:

    and we live not by the jingling of our coins,

    but by the fullness of our harvests.”

    - Patrick Geddes

    1. This poem expresses sentiments that I share. I like it a lot. Thank you, Jacqui, I'm pleased and flattered that you have such positive reactions to my photo excursions.


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