Friday, November 14, 2014

Three Falling Leaves

Okay, photo-sleuths, here's an easy puzzle for you:
How was this image accomplished?  There was no use of Photoshop or any other image editing program to add, subtract, or move elements.  So was it just an amazingly well timed catch?

[Canon 5D Mk III, 35 mm, f/2, 1/30 sec, ISO 640]



  1. Oh, boy, I'm terrible at riddles but my first guess is that the leaves are attached to a very thin limb, no?

    1. That is exactly right! The very thin twig/branch extends from the lower left, but where it splits into three parts it becomes yellowish like the leaves, and was hard to see "in life" as it is in the photo. So no mystery, but I still think it makes a cool effect as if the leaves were falling. I'm easily amused!


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