Saturday, November 22, 2014


A normal, sensible man would replace an electric shaver cutter and screen assembly before this level of erosion could take place.  The major gaps were noticed when it took revenge for its neglect by biting the face that feeds it.  Because any little thing can be the subject of a macro photo, I went to the trouble of positioning two off-camera flash units and tried some shots.  That is, after continuing to use the more or less intact side of the shaver for a few more days while waiting for replacement parts to arrive in the mail.

And with no particular connection to anything except her continuing insinuation into life and the heart, here is a pic of Ziva from yesterday.



  1. Replies
    1. Yes, but I try not to give her the idea that she rules *everything*, lest we all be in trouble!

  2. Only a great photog like you would look at an injury from an old razor as a photo op!

    1. I never bought into the old saw "curiosity killed the cat". It keeps me going, and steels my mettle! I may be an old softy, but I tend to like sharp photos.


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