Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Allegretto non troppo

Ziva, our mixed-breed, rescued dog, is about 14 months old, still basically an almost fully grown puppy.  At times, she will dash about, full tilt, for the sheer joy of running.  In musical terms (Italian), that would be "Presto".  When we play fetch, she'll pace herself a bit, knowing that she may run a dozen or so round trips.  She might do an Allegro assai race after an object, then return at Allegro moderato.

Naturally, when I decided to try a few photos of her running with rings or a ball (I had to toss them with my left hand, then quickly be ready with the camera in my right), she dropped into Andante range (that literally means walking), basically trotting rather than galloping.  So much for getting shots of all four feet off the ground, but I did manage to energize her enough to get the gait back into what I'd call Allegretto non troppo territory.  Sometime soon we'll have to get to a larger field in a dog park or something, but for now:



  1. Gorgeous photos - it appears to me that Ziva was performing a sort of rhythmic gymnastics!

    1. LOL! Perhaps because I chose four shots that caught different stages of her running strides. Sometimes she does look as if she's doing gymnastics of some sort, especially when she spins around, leaps in the air, and does a back flip! That's when I'm doing something like tug of war with her, so I won't be getting photos unless someone else is acting as her dance partner. :<D


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