Sunday, December 7, 2014

Abstraction, on the run

I only tried one photo during my jaunt with Ziva-dog today.  Sometimes people have asked me how I decide what to shoot.  In this case, I really had my doubts that there was enough of interest in this pine tree covered with dead vines, but following my own credo, I shot fast and waited until later to question it.

In the comment section of an earlier post, I mentioned that Snapseed is a fun cell phone app for tweaking photos.  I sat down with my iPhone 5s and spent just a few minutes working the image.  I used several of the available "modules" to adjust things, in most cases using individual parameters rather than any preset filter combinations.  At the end, I also used it to make a frame with rounded corners.  When I rotated everything 90ยบ clockwise, I decided the abstract qualities of the picture made it worth posting here.  Sure, you can still recognize tree bark and other plant matter, but to me it is an image "about" connecting and disconnected lines, contrasting textures, and mysterious holes.  Maybe that makes too much out of what little is there.  At any rate, here it is:



  1. Interesting, and alien. Thanks for sharing all that!

    1. Alien is a good word to describe the mood. Thanks for your comment!


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