Monday, December 1, 2014

Wildlife in the Wood

Here is something a little off the beaten path (though not far at all from the paved road that constitutes the Raleigh Greenway).  If anything can be described as a serendipitous natural sculpture, this should qualify.  A tree simply split in this fashion without help from human hands.  I think I can say there's a strong resemblance to the body - and especially paw and head - of a quadruped mammal.  There are aspects of bear, cat, dog, and rodent, but no matter, we'll simply declare it a newly discovered genus: lignupodia.  Special thanks to Pam for spotting this a few days ago on one of her walks, and telling me where to look for it.  I don't think I would have missed it, but there's no telling when I would next have gone past that section on a nice sunny day.  Planning meant I could coerce Ziva dog into taking my chosen route, and also that I had a suitable camera and lens for my anticipated subject (a 70-200 zoom, used at the long end on a Canon 5DII).

I suppose that I could stretch a label and call this an objet trouvé, a "found object". Even though I left it completely undisturbed, by capturing it with a camera and bringing its image into my studio, I have in a sense incorporated it into my "artwork" (said with a smile).

f/8 and be[aver] there?



  1. Interesting! Really does look like a sculpture of an animal of some sort.

  2. This beautiful, natural art form just needs some googly eyes or "vandaleyesing:"

  3. Ha, I like that coinage, "vandaleyesing"! And making it all about the eyes could be "of-the-eyes-ing", while making it all about you would be "of-thee-I-sing". Seriously, though, what was cool about this relic was how well it suggested an animal without needing any additions. But googly eyes would be fun...


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