Sunday, December 14, 2014

Simple Pleasures

"Yum!  A fresh bone!  I'm glad you allow me to follow my omnivorous tastes!"

It was so good to see Ziva's eyes widen with excitement that I went for my best low-light camera, swapped the lens on it for a wide aperture prime, and did a series of shots.  Most were "meh", until finally she looked up at just the right angle to get some light in her eyes.  Yay!  I caught the moment, and was lucky enough to also catch her tongue extended and curled.  (Parents don't want pictures of their children with tongues out, but, hey folks, Ziva is a dog!)  This may have a place in the Ziva book that is a work in progress.

Now to set up for a studio portrait session with a nice couple.  Ziva is even a good warm-up for people photography!



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