Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hearing service dog

The North Carolina Symphony played in Wilmington Wednesday evening, and I noticed a beautiful dog in the front row of the audience.  At intermission I was able to slip down and meet her.  She is eleven years old, a highly trained service dog whose specialty is alerting hearing-impaired people to sounds that are important for them.  It's not rare to find service dogs assisting the visually impaired at concerts, but while people with limited hearing do enjoy some concerts with special provision made for them, in this instance the dog was on the scene as a part of her continuing training.  She was completely quiet throughout, even when assaulted by some rather loud sounds from the stage.

This evening we're on our way to Tarboro for another concert, so I'll have to delay posting my latest Ziva video.  I think animal lovers will enjoy it.


  1. I can never resist a dog in uniform! Great picture, thanks for sharing.


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