Friday, December 19, 2014

Slanting light

On the Greenway over Crabtree Creek yesterday, slanting sunlight made this scene interesting.

[iPhone 5s]

At a stopping point, Ziva's activity resulted in a certain slant to this photo.  I'm careful to level the horizons of my landscape images, but there's no law that says everything has to be shot that way.  My own rule of thumb is that camera tilt usually works best if it is sufficient to be obviously intentional.  Of course, even that "rule" is violable.  I wouldn't say I'm "all thumbs", but I sometimes wish that I had two thumbs on one hand for better operation of the iPhone!  It can be a struggle when the other hand is on a leash that is under constantly changing tension.

[iPhone 5s]



  1. Gorgeous, ethereal photo (the first one). How you can capture such beauty with an iPhone I'll never know! The second shot seems to me to be the perfect cattywampus picture of an exuberant pup!

    1. I had to look up cattywampus, which I knew I'd heard but couldn't define. It seems the perfect word to describe the pic of exuberant Ziva seen from a slightly unusual (for an adult human) perspective!

      Thank you for appreciating the Slanting Light photo. I think the key to capturing beauty with any camera is first to see it, and to make yourself aware of what ingredients make it beautiful in your eyes. Then if the camera lets you capture those things in reasonable approximation, you have a hope of adjusting the rendering to match what your eyes - or your mind! - saw.

      I'm pleased to have a variety of camera equipment that can help me to handle a great range of challenging situations and subjects, but I also have tried to learn to see the way various cameras "see", so that if I'm out with Ziva and "just" an iPhone, I know the angle of view that the camera's fixed lens provides. I am accustomed to the way it focuses and how limited the controls for exposure settings are, so I look for a subject (or a way of treating a subject) that will work with what I've got. It's a pretty useful discipline to practice, actually!

  2. Replies
    1. Why not! That strikes me as a fine coinage, useful in this case for sure!


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