Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cat and Dog

Near the start of our morning walk today, Ziva encountered a neighborhood cat.  Although Raleigh's leash law applies to cats as well as dogs, almost all cat owners seem to have no problem with their feline pets wandering freely about town.  Dogs can be trained to observe boundaries such as "invisible fences" (shocking as that may sound), but cats will go where they please (and look upon whomever they wish).  I love cats, they're adorable, but they do hunt and kill wild birds (including threatened species) and taunt dogs on leashes.

At any rate, I was expecting Ziva to pull hard and lunge at the little clawed menace*, but she simply perched for a good view, did not tense her muscles, remained silent, and did not make any attempt to get closer.  That's what allowed me to grab this photo with my phone.  Composing carefully and shooting an image with one hand is tricky enough without being jerked around.  I had my arm through the leash loop, but there was no ruckus.  After a few seconds of staring, we turned around and continued on our way.

*Really, I love cats, and simply wish that all owners would take good care of them, just as I wish that were the case for dogs.  By the way, one of my favorite cat names of all that I've heard was Clawed de Pussy, as in Claude Debussy, and please don't fuss over the nicety of proper French pronunciation of Debussy.  I'm aware!

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  1. What can I fuss about then? Just kidding, I share your views. I'm impressed with Ziva...you have trained her well to be mature and to live with love and respect. Gorgeous photo and I enjoyed your narrative greatly, thank you for sharing all of this.

    1. I don't mind fussy viewers, if they're kidding, and actually you can be serious too if you take issue with something that you read or see here. Thanks for your appreciation, though. I always appreciate that.

  2. Replies
    1. Not Charlie, nor her buddy "Buddy". This is Tigger (yes, another Tigger), who lives a few houses away from where he was roaming.


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