Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tree Trauma

Having seen Into the Woods just a few days ago (and nearing the end of a run of Nutcracker ballet performances), I've been particularly tuned in to the seemingly magical effects of the trees that surround us.  During a run with Ziva, we halted briefly at two spots so that I could point my iPhone at two types of tree trauma.

First, some logs remaining when a dead tree was cut down near the Greenway.  Fungi were growing well in their environment, and the bright sunlight was coming from behind the scene, but blocked by a standing tree from striking the camera lens.  This gave lots of contrast to the textures of leaves, bark, vines and mushrooms, which I further enhanced when I converted the image to black and white.

Next was the site of a fallen tree, which has now lain across the river for many months.  On the bank where I was standing, another tree appears to be meeting its demise, perhaps due to a lightning strike.



  1. Have not seen, Into the Woods, but from the previews, you've especially captured elements of the Meryl Streep character's appearance - grey and long, woody branches.

    1. I was thinking more in terms of the effect of the woods on people's behavior, but if the fallen tree across the river could be said to be human in form, I would say it definitely looks like the witch played by Streep. I highly recommend the movie, btw - it is perhaps the best film adaption of a musical that I have ever seen.


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