Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wild Berries of Winter

Here we are in the midst of winter weather (well, at least the nights are cool/cold, and many of the trees are actually bare), and what should I find but a lot of ripe wild berries.  Well, the birds should be very happy, and I'm happy that I spotted these before they (apparently) did.  Having just returned from a hike with Ziva, I grabbed a camera and macro lens, and dashed outside again, leaving Ziva inside to stew.

She was behind the glass door watching me when I returned to the house.  I'm easily amused, and am still intrigued by reflections superimposed on direct sight.  I'll probably do photos along these lines until someday I get really lucky with the light and have something that can fool the eye and be beautiful.  Trompe l'oeil is not one of my usual genres, but I enjoy seeing paintings in that style, and I think it could be a good influence on my photography.  At least, it keeps me thinking and imagining.

[All of that was before the first Nutcracker performance of today.  Now back to do the second one...]



  1. The blue berries are gorgeous! And Ziva is so adorable! What great, artistic shots!!

    1. Thank you! Although the berries were very small, I was tempted to try one, but I had to hurry to get ready for Nutcracker performances, so I didn't experiment on my taste buds.


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