Friday, December 12, 2014

More scenes by the river, via Ziva

Early this fall, one of my blog followers asked if I had ever gotten a shot of a leaf in mid-air.  I admitted that aside from set-up shots, I had not.  Today, walking the Greenway with Ziva, I spotted a leaf just after it detached from an upper branch of a tall tree.  Going for broke, I dropped Ziva's leash while pulling my iPhone out of my pocket.  Luckily, the thumb print reader worked first try, so the phone was unlocked, and I had left the camera app on.  I got this shot:

Not long after, we came upon a very colorful isolated "hanger-on".  I got fairly close to it, to see how similar a result I could get to the delicate photos I did last month with more serious camera gear.  The answer was - not too similar.  On the other hand, I like the way the wide view included the hanger-on in the lower right corner.  Or maybe I should refer to myself as the hanger-on!

I wanted to inspect the evolution/degradation of the abandoned bridge over Crabtree Creek, as it shows signs of being taken over and pulled apart by plant life.

At this point, I think it would be cool if it could safely be allowed to completely disintegrate, but I suppose it will probably be razed at some point.  As I've raised the point, kids - don't try anything foolish, like exploring rickety structures.

The shot above is a stitched panorama, created with the iPhone.



  1. Oh, Ziva is such a good dog and photographer's assistant! She is so cute!! Great photo of the leaf falling!! Wow. These photos are all absolutely gorgeous!! I enjoyed reading your story, too. How did Ziva behave when you dropped her leash? I assume she didn't tear off across the parkway!

    1. It was fortunate that she didn't race off this time. The area was free of any visible animal life, but one never knows. Ziva is only partially trained to stay, and has been known to, shall we say, run into trouble at times (with no bad consequences, but I need to be careful with her). She would never run away, but with animals and bicycles around, she could get hurt, or cause a person to be injured. I will be vigilant in preventing this!

  2. Enjoyed the way you described capturing the falling leaf. There was suspense at evey moment...the moment you dropped Ziva's leash, the moment you grasped your phone to unlock it, the moment the leaf still hung in the air...well written and suspenseful! Great photographs to boot.


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