Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Some Serendipity

Here are two quick shots of things I hadn't expected to see.  On the road to New Bern Tuesday afternoon, a double rainbow appeared through the windshield ("take the bus, and leave the driving to us" - so I was free to safely shoot), and I caught it arcing directly at an approaching SUV.  This of course led to childish imaginings of an energy weapon destroying a vehicle.

Today I spotted a spotless antique Chevrolet truck, an Apache 32, perhaps a 1959 model?  I see many photos of gorgeous antique cars in pristine surroundings, so stumbling on this baby in an ordinary dirty parking lot was like finding a diamond in the rough.  By the way, remember when the common advice for photos was "have the sun at your back"?  That was always a good rule to break.  You can certainly see where the sun is in this shot, and though I could easily crop it out, I don't mind having it there.

I really love having that little iPhone in my pocket for stuff like this.  I've done some "serious" shooting lately too, but I'll save that for other posts.



  1. So, somewhere over your rainbow, blue antique cars drive?

    1. LOL! I'm not one to dream of owning an antique car, but they're fun to see. Flying monkeys with a pot of gold, on the other hand...

    2. How about a spider (web) bringing you a pot of gold: (the full text of Aulularia by T. Maccius Plautus)?


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