Sunday, December 21, 2014

Interlocking rings, not a logo...

Here are sixteen shots of Ziva playing with her tug-of-war rings, in the course of some fetch and return exercises.  The animated GIF will show each shot for one second, in a continuous loop.  The color quality of GIFs is not equal to what a JPEG can show, but that's unimportant to me in this case. I wanted you to see some of the configurations of her body and the three rings that show up momentarily as she dances around.  Maybe we should add a ring or two and Ziva could do a commercial for the next Olympics?  Or for Audi?

Here are three quick "portraits", done just before the wildness began.  In the first she is relaxed, and the next two are when she was briefly distracted by some crows overhead.



  1. Ah, the entrepreneurial force is strong with this one. --Yoda

  2. Replies
    1. That she is! Sometimes trouble, but always worth it.


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