Thursday, January 15, 2015

Carolina Beach Sunrise

I "cheated" in creating these three photos this morning.  I did get up well before sunrise to see what might develop, and I did not give up when I saw the heavy overcast.  The first hint of anything interesting was about three minutes after the invisible sunrise, when a huge congregation of seabirds flew across the ocean waters just beyond the breaking surf.  The "cheating" is that the light was dull, hardly any color.  I have seen this kind of feeding activity on mornings with nice golden light, when I didn't have any kind of camera.  So, I decided to "tweak" it in Adobe Lightroom®, and got something more like what I've experienced before.  No, it didn't look like this today, except in my imagination.  So I guess one could say I "played painter" for the occasion.

A few minutes later, some warm colors did appear through a thin region of the clouds, and a lone beachcomber stood admiring the view for a moment.  I again greatly intensified the image, but all of the elements you see were really there.

The last shot is in some ways the most interesting color display that I observed, and it lasted only a few seconds!


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