Wednesday, January 14, 2015

World Within Icicles

Today, with the freezing rain turning out to be modest (a good thing, from the standpoint of dangerous roads and power outages), I did notice some icicles that formed around dangling pine needles.  The ice picked up the colors of surrounding evergreen leaves, and refracted some wonderful patterns.  I worked my way gradually to a life-sized view (larger than life once enlarged from the size of the camera sensor to viewing size).  Even though the breezes were minimal, under this high magnification, the trembling of the smaller "iciclette" was very noticeable.  I timed one shot to a moment of least movement, and got a critically sharp image.  The camera was of course on a tripod, or my own trembling would have had even worse effect than the subject movement.

In the full-sized image, I see upside down trees and land features within the drop.  You may have to use your imagination to see that in this web rendition, but I think the snake-like shapes in the large icicle (you're seeing an inch and a half or so of its four inch length) are very apparent and quite nice.



  1. How strange and beautiful! Superb work!

    1. It is a little eerie, isn't it? Thank you!

  2. Gorgeous! I'm gonna need a couple prints of this one, Jess. Let's talk. :-)


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