Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cheese Ring - How To Make One

Have you ever wanted to create a properly shaped cheese ring?  First, to introduce our instructor to any new readers of this blog, here is Ziva, happily sharing dreamland with her snowman.

If you thought the series of "got milk?" mustaches were impressive, look at the almost perfectly arced, delicately drawn muzzle ring of cottage cheese that Ziva displays (no touch-up, no enhancement).  Nasal accent optional.

And here is how it is done.  One picture, worth at least a few dozen words of explanation (which I have already squandered), yes?

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  1. Once again, you make the mundane magical. (Not that Ziva's mundane, of course, but I've never before considered cottage cheese to be artistic.)

  2. Abracadabra and Alakazam, magical curds and whey is what I am! Hmm, I may need to practice the spell, the container is still empty. Thanks, seriously, the mundane is often all that is available to me, but the whole idea that the normal stuff of existence is dull and uninteresting is contrary to the way I look at things and how I try to live my life! From that standpoint, Ziva is a good influence (as are many pets).


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