Friday, January 16, 2015

Greenway sections still closed, but... alternative path through the woods let people access some parts of the grounds.  Ziva kept an eye on some boys playing in one of "her" puddles.

We took a look, from a safe distance, at some of the heavy work going on.

The closure kept us from covering any meaningful distance, but I didn't want it to stop me from at least one stab at a nature photo, so I found a spot along the river.

I like to shoot into the light (contrejour sounds fancier), though having the sun in the picture can be a problem unless there are some handy tree branches to mute things a little.  It's not the Grand Canyon or El Capitan, but working on mundane local surroundings like this is something I find rewarding.



  1. Poor Ziva! She remains so incredibly cute!!!!! Great "into-the-light" photo but don't go there (do go into the light)!

    1. I'll try to keep doing a better job of showing Ziva's charm. I'm sure that if she were aware of her internet presence she would relish the attention!


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