Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lonely Pair on the Greenway today

This morning, the temperature in Raleigh dropped to 10º or 11º F.  I had to work, but in the early afternoon, with the temp still only in the low twenties, Ziva and I spent well over an hour wandering the neighborhood and the Greenway.  We did not see another human or canine until the latter portion of our return route, when we passed a couple with another friendly dog.  You would think that people were dissuaded by the cold from their normal exercise routines!  Usually, we would expect to see many bicyclists, a few joggers and power walkers, and several dogs with their owners.

I'd say we were a lonely pair, but actually we were surrounded by dozens of large robins, a male cardinal and a smattering of other birds.  The puddles were frozen, one large one so solidly that Ziva skated across it.  She was funny to watch!  Sorry, no photos possible of any of this, but I did pause just long enough to shoot this tableau of trees, clouds, and shadows.  Ziva pulled on the leash, but I got the shot composed pretty close to the way I wanted.

[iPhone 5s]



  1. Beautiful! The tree shadows make it look like a pair of trees are being a bit indiscreet!

    1. I knew someday a psychologist-type would find some hidden meaning in my photos...


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