Saturday, January 17, 2015

How Do You Like Them Apples?

I was enjoying the sunlight streaming through a window and betwixt some houseplants this morning. I took a moment to play with some still life photos using strong shadows and sharp textures.

Weighty apple:

Keeping company:

In the spotlight and in the shadows:

Which apple do you think will be the tastiest to eat?  It's no contest - the first is a genuine Honeycrisp, the others are artificial.

[For my photo geek friends, these were shot hand-held with the Canon 100-400 L II IS]



  1. Yum! I'll eat the real apple! But, I enjoyed all the photos!!!

  2. You might enjoy this link about growing apples!

    1. I did enjoy it, thanks. I knew a lot of grafting was done to propagate desirable varieties, but I didn't realize that trying to grow apples from seeds would result in so much variation. And of course apples are one of the reasons that we need to be sure we're not harming bee populations.


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