Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our first 10K

Today, Ziva and I achieved a new (metric) milestone: we hiked ten kilometers.  It began with a jog and walk through our neighborhood park, where "we" discerned a taunting cat behind an iron gate.  Ziva got her entire head underneath, but she seems to know her body size, and doesn't seem inclined to get stuck places - whew!

After we got on the Greenway, we made pretty reasonable time until we reached sections that we've only recently begun to explore.  I insisted on pauses at a few spots so that I could do artsy-phartsy photos with my iPhone.  A frozen stream:

The "tunnel" under Edwards Mill Road (note the two joggers):

The "underbelly" as we headed toward Crabtree Valley Mall:

A different view as we headed back (no, I didn't take Ziva shopping):

And a wintery looking marsh:



  1. Congrats on your 10K. So what was your time? I know you weren't keeping score. So, you said you took Ziva shopping at Crab Tree Valley mall? Did she get some strappy Manolos to comfort her during your absences? VERY cute photo of Ziva under the iron CUTE!!

    1. Thanks, our time isn't worth public mention, but the average speed was at least quicker than a typical walking pace. You missed the line where I said I *didn't* take Ziva shopping! I think her taste would be more expensive than mine! In terms of comfort shoes, I'm trying to accustom her to choosing my older ones...

      Ziva is pleased that you think she's cute. She wants the whole world to love her cuteness!


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