Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ziva begins a new year

As this photo suggests, Ziva still enjoys relaxing in favorite places, when she's not racing around with limitless energy.  (We think she may be a mix of Terrier and German Shepherd.  There's a lot of intelligence, some stubbornness, and an incredible capacity and desire for play.)

This look makes me think of the human phrase "guilty pleasure".  She sure derives a lot of fun from getting a bone and exercising her jaw.  I doubt that Ziva feels any guilt over eating or other enjoyment (Why should she?  Why should we!), but there's something about the look at this moment, as if she's acknowledging that I caught her in the act.

The stripes on Ziva's back seem to have become more prominent as winter progresses.  This may have a cause related to the weather, or may simply be part of her maturing.  We'll have a better idea when spring rolls around.



  1. She does look a bit like a terrier! Adorable and well loved as ever!

  2. Guilt is the by-product of our being fundamentally aggressive and sexual beings who must live in a rule governed society. --Sigmund Freud (email me at and we can have a cigar sometime and talk about it)

    1. Hmm...I'll have to think about that particular quote. Guilt may be primarily a byproduct of other aspects of our mental functioning, but I suspect that it has its own evolutionary survival value in some situations that have been key in the contingent history of homo sapiens. For Canis lupus familiaris, I wouldn't even guess, except that during the ca. 10 millennia that dogs and humans have cohabited, an appearance of guilt (perceived by humans in the body language of dogs) might have helped to cement the mutually beneficial relationship.


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