Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Day Before

The day of my Wednesday night in Carolina Beach (the day before I did the sunrise photos) was going to be an early morning trip to Fayetteville to perform two Education Concerts with the NC Symphony.  Unfortunately, due to freezing rain, the shows were postponed until such time as a makeup date can be arranged.  This meant that travel to the Wilmington area to prepare for two concerts there (which we performed today) was postponed until evening.

The upshot of all of this for me was that I had my Wednesday free until late afternoon.  Ziva had not expected me to be able to traipse around with her, so when I began my stretches and breakfast prep, she was napping in her bed.

The Greenway had been closed the day before for major sewer line work, and I wasn't sure what the situation would be there, so when we did get out for our walk, we began with the neighborhood park.

On a street heading for the Greenway entrance at its current end point, I stopped for an iPhone shot of a winter flower frosted by the precipitation.  I would return later to shoot it with fancier equipment.

When we got to the entrance, the trail was indeed closed.

"Maybe I can just move this sign out of the way, and we can go in!"

It's supposed to be open from Dawn to Dusk!

Sorry kiddo, it's really closed.  We'll have to go somewhere else today.

But of course you'll be patient enough to let me try a ridiculous photo of this leaf, just for fun, right?



  1. Beautiful photo of the winter cabbage, eclipsed only by the narrative. :-)

    1. Thank you. My stories are all true. Of course, I hear that line all the time from stage performers, as they recite narrative gags that they've bought from comedy clearing houses...but mine are really true, they can only come from my cabbage brain when I see them happening!

  2. GREAT story of Ziva and the closed parkway. She is the epitome of a disappointed hiker...poor thing!! How can she be so adorable?!

    1. Old adorable pup can be EXTREMELY persuasive, so any disappointment she experiences tends to be brief!


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