Monday, January 19, 2015

Y in the sky

Contrails can be interesting.  I spotted this while walking toward a Greenway entrance this morning.  The broader trail had spread quite a lot, but it might not have taken very long.  I saw the narrow one being formed by a jet that must have been on a lower flight path than the other.  Its trail broadened noticeably in just a few seconds.  Why look up, Y...

Although the sewer line work on the Crabtree Creek Trail is far from completed, the workmen waved me through today, so I felt I had official permission to hike and explore.  So, we headed for Crabtree Valley.

Not so long ago, this area was covered with ice.

Into the woods...

No entry this way:

Ziva, the junkyard dog?  No, but how did she get in there?

She fits where most adult humans can't (and she was on her leash the whole time).

The return trip under Edwards Mill Road was impressive, thanks to reflection of a blue sky that rendered even deeper blue water.

Some of the pumping and dredging equipment is very colorful.

This might give some young kids nightmares.

It's a cyborg zombie, ready to suck the brains of the unwary.

But that oddly gruesome thought only occurred to me now, as I write.  Our trip this morning was very pleasant, and put me in a good mood for the start of the day.


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