Friday, January 2, 2015

More Birds from New Year's Day

Here is a sampling of more bird photos from my mini-outing yesterday.

Winter games, a new Olympic event - asynchronous distributed flying gymnastics -

This next guy swam so close to my perch on the shore that I got this tight shot as he went by (pretty fast, relative to his proximity).  The photo has not been cropped.  It was very dark under the tree canopy, so the photo is a little noisy (probably not evident in this small size - don't mistake the debris in the water for digital noise).

Moments later, far across the lake, I spotted some activity amidst an otherwise static scene with a nice  abstract character, tiers of color with almost parallel lines, almost straight, but one curved and forming a vertex.  I love stuff like this when I can find it in nature!



  1. Wow. In that first photo...I noticed the that bird the real Banksy? Also, what was going on with all those birds seeming to pick on or beat up that one bird? Poor thing! I guess a photographer's credo is nonintervention? I would have tweeted the police...haw haw har

  2. You are funny! The "graffiti" is...shall we say "guanofitti"? Could be Banksy. Would explain how he gets to so many places unnoticed. The pile up, though, was harmless. I think they were all excited about a single food item, maybe a fish. At any rate, they quickly dispersed and none seemed to be harmed. As for nonintervention, I don't think I could have done anything from the shore even if I'd wanted to! Of course I could have tweeted (haw!), you're right...but...hmm...isn't twitter supposed to be used to shame or embarrass people? Actually, it has been used to urge people to good actions too, so yeah, you got me. I vow to be a proactive interventionist photographer from now on!


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