Friday, January 9, 2015

Reviewing and going further

Today was just another average day for a jaunt on the Greenway, but Ziva was cooperative about allowing me some pauses for photos.  So, we revisited some of our usual haunts, and we also pushed a little further down the trail to check out a different spot.  First, a close look at tree bark.

Today's version of the view from the bridge over Crabtree Creek:

Yet another take on the decrepit bridge that has been closed:

Approaching Crabtree Valley, a frozen marsh:

A 270ยบ panorama of the convergence of three paths:

A "marshlet" that might be inviting for birds next spring:

And returning to the beginning of the Greenway portion of our hike, the current end of the trail (slated to be extended all the way to Umstead Park).

Ziva decided to amuse herself - and me! - by attacking her own leash.  I'm so delicately holding the leash with my left hand, and you can see the shadow of the iPhone in my right.

Early in this trip, I got a video of Ziva exploring a frozen puddle.  I'll see if I can get that up in a separate post.



  1. made it all the way to the end of the world (trail)! Ziva is so adorable!!

    1. We started at the end! Some day maybe we can make it to the beginning! Aside from the concept of the multiverse - separate universes from which we cannot receive any information - our own observable universe is apparently finite but unbounded. By analogy, I like to think of all pathways as offering infinite possibilities. Certainly more than enough for a puny human lifespan!


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