Saturday, January 3, 2015

Loitering in the Lobby

Today I had more time than needed for lunch between two performances of an NC Symphony Young Person's Concert at Meymandi Concert Hall, so I wandered the building for a while.  I thought I would use my iPhone for a few snaps if I found architectural details that weren't obscured by people.  A golden opportunity presented itself when I noticed that the iron gates separating Meymandi lobby from Memorial Auditorium lobby were closed.  There wasn't anything going on in Memorial this afternoon, so no one was in there.  The light coming through the glass walls from two sides was doing nice things, so in just a few seconds I could compose this photo with my hands through the gate, and be on my way, looking more like a texting teen than a "serious photographer".  So now that I've done my inconspicuous thing, let's go majorly public, right?



  1. shiny and new looking! I'm looking forward to attending more symphony concerts!


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